ALTA's Land Title Institute has created training videos to educate your employees about the land title industry. Titles are available in DVD or streaming formats and may be purchased individually or as a complete LTI Training Library at a substantial discount. Handout materials, where applicable, are included on a companion CD, so they'll always be handy. Visit the ALTA Online Store for purchase details or print our PDF Order Form if you prefer.

Make LTI Part of Your Training Program

It's easy to see how LTI's training videos can be an integral part of your employee training program. Along with orientation, on-the-job training, distance learning, and team building exercises, LTI's training videos will help you get employees on the road to success in your company. Check out LTI's Model Training Program for your employees and incorporate LTI into your training program today!

Educational Training Videos from ALTA's Land Title Institute

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Claims Awareness

Through dramatic examples of troublesome mistakes this program stresses the role of title insurance in the land transfer process and emphasizes hazards from title claims such as mechanic's liens, missed easements and more.

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The Need for Land Title Services

This educational video is a great companion to Principles of Title Searching. It provides an orientation to the broad scope of the title industry, sharing the fundamentals of title searching and protecting property rights.

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The Policy Detectives

An Introduction to ALTA's 2006 Loan and Owners Policies explains the five primary parts of ALTA's 2006 Loan Owner's Policy jackets, including Covered Risks, Exclusions from Coverage, Conditions, and Schedules A & B.

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The Principles of Title Searching

This video will provide employees with an understanding of the general procedure of searching a title. Newly hired employees in particular will benefit from this program.

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This Land is My Land, That Land is Yours

Explains legal descriptions, such as metes and bounds, rectangular method and subdivisions used throughout the US; Concept definitions including bearings, quadrants and courses; Also an overview of quarters, irregular parcels and curves.

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The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule Training

ALTA's Land Title Institute created a training to help you prepare for the disclosures. This 2 1/2 hour training includes six modules that will help you understand the disclosures.

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