2019 TitleTopics Webinars

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Grow Your Title Business by Mastering Your Leadership Communications

November 13, 2019

No leader’s business expertise, knowledge or competencies will ever make up for poor communication skills. A manager’s words can move business positively forward, or they can hold it back. Communication from authority rarely has a neutral impact. While the title industry has many uncontrollable variables, effective title managers know how to focus on what can be controlled. Register for this webinar to learn how to master conversations that are honest, encourage collaboration and demand accountability.


Steve Rudolph | Steve Rudolph Coaching

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Preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act

October 10, 2019

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a sweeping data privacy law set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. The law applies to businesses—including those outside of California—that collect “personal information” (which is very broadly defined) about California residents. The CCPA provides consumers new rights regarding their personal information, including the right to know, the right to access, the right to opt-out of sale, and the right to delete. In addition, the CCPA provides for a limited private right of action for data breaches. Companies need to prepare now to avoid potentially costly attorney general enforcement actions.

This webinar discusses:

  • Organizations covered by the CCPA
  • What’s considered personal information
  • Requirements under the law
  • What you can do to prepare


  • Stephanie Duchene | Partner | Mayer Brown LLP
  • Kendall Burman |  Counsel | Mayer Brown LLP
  • Lei Shen | Partner | Mayer Brown LLP
  • Elizabeth Reilly | Senior Privacy Counsel | Fidelity National Financial

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Common Endorsements in Commercial Transactions

August 21, 2019

Handling complex commercial deals involves requests for additional endorsements not used in residential transactions. Because of this, you want to make sure steps are taken to provide coverage to the customer while limiting risk to a reasonable level. Register for this webinar to get better knowledge of the common endorsements used for commercial transactions so you can understand why your clients request them.

This webinar will discuss common endorsements for

  • ALTA land survey related endorsements
  • Owner policies
  • Lender policies
  • Typical endorsements that affect both policies


  • David Herrin | National Marketing Director | National Due Diligence Services
  • Stephanie Bang | Underwriting Counsel | Fidelity National Title Insurance Co.

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Make Yourself Remarkable: Marketing for Growth Starts With a Great Closing Experience

July 24, 2019

Trying to differentiate your title company based on policies and coverage is pretty difficult in a highly regulated industry. One area where you can stand out is at the closing table. New technologies give companies a new arsenal of cool tools to help keep customers informed about the transaction and to make completing the deal easier. So what are successful companies providing to make their customers come back for more? Learn from industry experts the things they’re doing to deliver a great closing experience and wow your customers.


  • Andi Bolin | President | Celebrity Title Company
  • Brian Cooper | President | Unified Title Company
  • Bill Svoboda | Co-founder | CloseSimple

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Build Your Talent Brand: A Guide to Marketing Your Company to Candidates Online

May 22, 2019

A recruitment marketing strategy is essential to highlighting your employee brand and company culture. This could be through website content or building your company presence on social media. Listen to this webinar and learn how you can improve your recruitment efforts with marketing techniques that will ultimately grow your business.

This webinar will help you:

  • Create a purpose statement
  • Assess alignment with key attractors of incoming candidates
  • Manage and control your social online reputation
  • Post job openings and utilize ALTA’s HR Sample Library for job descriptions and ads


  • Devon Irby | Chief Compliance Officer and General Manager | H.B. Wilkinson Title Company Inc.
  • Jeff Gross | Vice President and Manager | Fidelity National Title Group
  • Karen Lanning | Vice President of Human Resources | First American Title Insurance Co.

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Title Insurance and Native American Lands: An Introduction

April 17, 2019

A significant portion of land in the United States is owned or controlled by American Indian tribes and Alaska Native Villages. These lands are frequently the subject of real estate transactions. When contemplating the insurability of title to this land, it is important to consider the tribe’s and federal government’s rights and responsibilities; the validity, priority and enforceability of insured interests and liens; and the power and authority of contracting parties and their representatives. These critical underwriting issues will be addressed during this webinar.


  • Nancy J. Appleby | Founder and Managing Member | Appleby Law PLLC

  • Megan Powell | Commercial Agency Underwriter | First American Title Insurance Co

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Working In vs. Working On Your Business: Four Ideas to Move Your Agency Forward

February 6, 2019

Do you find yourself getting so buried in your day-to-day routine and responsibilities that you lose sight of the big picture? That’s the difference between working IN your business—efficiently handling those everyday tasks—and working ON your business, improving and expanding your operation with an eye on long-term viability and success. During this webinar, industry experts will discuss:
  • Metrics that you can implement immediately to help measure and gauge your business flow and progress toward goals
  • Tips and tricks to looking at your workflow and operational processes and asking the questions that lead to winning organizational strategies
  • Keys to examining and understanding your technology resources, how well they are serving you and what you need to elevate performance
  • Building a team approach to sales, getting everyone in the organization on board and understanding their role in business growth


Brieann McDaniel | Principle | Title Insurance Consultants 

Cindy McGovern | CEO | Orange Leaf Consulting

Ethan Powsner | VP - Director of Compliance, Market & Technology Development | Fidelity National Title Group

Kay Underwood | Principal | Title Insurance Consultants

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Back to the Future: Is What Happened in 2018 What We Should Expect In 2019?

January 16, 2019

As Millennials continue to age into homeownership—and like prior generations choose ownership over renting—potential demand will continue to increase. Yet, the question is where will the supply come from? Will existing homeowners choose to sell their homes and "move up?" Is the housing stock growing sufficiently to keep pace with the growth in households looking for shelter? Will the supply shortage that we have experienced for the last two years continue and will quickly rising house prices cause an affordability crisis? Is 2019 the year that the housing market turns and ends it’s seven-year bull run?


Mark Fleming | Chief Economist | First American Financial Corporation

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