2018 TitleTopics Webinars

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Stay Ahead of the Customer Curve

December 19, 2018

The real estate market is changing at a pace unlike anytime before. Title companies remain at the center of the real estate transaction. More than ever, sitting in this seat makes it important for companies to think strategically about how to deliver the right experience for their customers. The easiest starting point for this is to think about the transaction through your customers' eyes. This webinar will help you get inside the heads of your main customer types, lenders, real estate agents and homeowners. Come ready to hear what drives their decision making and the things you can do to elevate their experience at the closing.


Nate Baker | Founder and CEO | Qualia

Ben Rubenstein | Founder and CEO | Opcity/Realtor.com

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Are the Robots Coming for Your Job?

October 29, 2018

The emergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and other technologies may seem daunting, but the solutions offer opportunities to help title and settlement companies meet evolving customer needs. During this webinar, you’ll learn that no, the robots are not going to take your job. What you’ll learn is how certain innovations are being used in the industry and how it can unlock valuable employee time to work on revenue-generating business. You’ll walk away with knowledge on what it takes to successfully implement and adopt technology that can simplify tasks, improve quality and reduce cost.


  • David Floyd | Chief Data Officer | NextAce
  • Marvin Stone | Senior Vice President, Industry Relations | Stewart Title Guaranty Co.

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Making Sense of Blockchain

September 19, 2018

Interest in how blockchain can improve the real estate transaction and recording of land records continues to grow with companies experimenting with proof of concepts and trials. However, questions persist about the true benefits and opportunities, and how broad adoption will be. During this webinar, a blockchain thought leader will provide a framework to confidently understand and measure blockchain projects in the title industry. You’ll learn the questions to ask and walk away with a scorecard to track results.


Tony Franco | CEO/Founder | SafeChain

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Make Your Marketing Soar With Digital Advertising

July 26, 2018

The internet has changed the way that people shop for everything—including real estate. Digital marketing is the best way to engage customers in the electronic age. While terms such as “costs-per-lead” to “ad servers” may be overwhelming, getting into this space is vital for companies wanting to stay relevant. This webinar recording discusses why title companies should consider digital advertising, what opportunities exist for the average title agency and how you can get started with a nominal budget. We’ll also provide a walk-through on how to place a digital ad and show you how to create your own images.

This webinar covers: 

  • The opportunities that exist with digital ad
  • The top benefits to go digital with your ad 
  • How to get started and place a digital ad 
  • How to create your own digital ad 
  • Review the resources available to ALTA members 


  • Lisa Steele | Executive Vice President | Mother Lode Holding
  • Wayne Stanley | Owner | Bowe Digital
  • Eliot Dill | Co-founder | TitleTap

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The Changing Face of Fraud

June 14, 2018

Cyberfraud continues to explode in the title industry—and it’s evolving to become more and more effective. During this webinar, industry experts and regulators will map out an overview of cyberfraud trends, revealing the latest official statistics as well as forecasting fraud’s impact on the title and mortgage industry this year. They’ll also describe and analyze a number of seller-side and buyer-side fraud attacks, review the inner workings of phishing and social engineering techniques often used to launch a fraud and discuss the best practices that could effectively reduce your risk profile. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • understanding of the timing and sophistication of cyberfraud
  • list of best practices to keep your organization and your clients safe
  • fraud recovery road map should a wire fraud take place 


  • Tom Cronkright II | CEO/Co-owner | Sun Title Agency
  • Dama Brown | Enforcing Consumer Protection Laws | Federal Trade Commission
  • Ken Robb | Cybersecurity and Risk Consultant | Citadel Cyber Solutions

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How Values Can Drive Profits

April 25, 2018

When done right, strong core values can increase productivity, help guide decision making and boost employee morale. While it may be tempting to steal some core values from companies who are nailing it, they must be authentic to your culture and business. Register for ALTA’s next free Title Topics webinar to learn: 

  • Why core values matter
  • How core values can amplify company performance
  • Why ALTA created the Our Values initiative
  • How to develop core values authentic to your company
  • How to live your core values so they don’t collect dust


  • Steven G. Day | National Agency President | Fidelity National Title Group
  • Cynthia Blair | Founding Member | Blair Cato Pickren Casterline LLC
  • Robert Grubb | President and CEO | Alliant National Title Insurance Co.
  • Eric Schneider | Managing Attorney | Lakeside Title Co.

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Commercial vs. Residential Transactions: The Complexities and Needed Due Diligence

March 14, 2018

Handling commercial deals can be lucrative, but they also require substantially more due diligence and carry additional risk. Register for ALTA's next free webinar to learn the differences between commercial and residential transactions, as well as the hurdles you must overcome when handling the more complex commercial orders.

The webinar addresses:

  • Complexities of commercial deals and the needed due diligence
  • Types of entities typically involved in the deal
  • Format and structure of title policies
  • Steps that can be taken to provide coverage to the customer while limiting the risk to a reasonable level
  • Special considerations when reviewing the zoning, survey, plans and specs for the Land Under Development Endorsements


  • David Herrin | National Marketing Director | National Due Diligence Services

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Building the Right Foundation for Your Team

January 18, 2018

According to Gallup, 87% of employees are not engaged at work. However, studies show companies with a highly engaged workforce outperform their peers by 1.5 times. How do we move our teams from not engaged to highly engaged? During this presentation, learn how an industry leader is actively building his team and changing his company’s culture to enhance engagement, empower employees for success and bring positive energy to title insurance. Learn tips about how to energize your teams for-long term success and how to get employees to buy into your vision or mission.


Jim Czapiga | President and CEO | CATIC

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