Requirements for Continuing Education Credit

  1. Register and complete an approved course. Successfully enroll in and complete an approved course per the table, below. Course fees varyCompleting the online coursework is a pre-requisite to the CE final exam.
  2. Request the CE Exam for your state. In 2023, all CE exams are sponsored by Qualia and will be no cost to you. Maintaining your CE requirements through ALTA’s online courses has never been simpler or cheaper! If you have completed your required course work, you can request a CE Exam here. 
  3. Complete the final exam. The CE Exam is a written multiple-choice exam of 30-50 questions, depending on the Course. The Exam will be mailed to the student for completion, along with instructions. An exam proctor must certify that the student did not receive outside help or cheat during the exam.
  4. Return the completed exam and proctor certification. The final exam and certifications are graded by ALTA/LTI Staff. Upon successful completion, ALTA/LTI Staff will submit CE credits to your state regulator. This process generally takes about two weeks from the date the completed exam is received.

Email or call 800-787-2582 with any questions or issues.

Title Agent Continuing Education Approved Courses and States

State Title 101
Hours Approved:
Title 201
Hours Approved:
Understanding Commercial Transactions
Hours Approved:
Ethics in the Title Industry
Hours Approved:
Alabama 13 15 8 3 Ethics
Arkansas 13 13 8 2 Ethics
Colorado 8* 8*  
Indiana 13   8 3 Ethics
Kansas 4 4 4 2 General
Louisiana 12   8  
Maryland 13   8 3 Ethics
Missouri 13 10 8 3 Title
Montana 13 13 8 3 Ethics
Nebraska 11 12 8 2 Ethics
New Jersey 13   8 3 Title
Ohio 13   5 2 Ethics
Oklahoma 13 12 8 2 Ethics
Pennsylvania 13   8 3 General
Tennessee 13 12 8 2 Ethics
Texas     5 2 Ethics
Utah 12 12 8 3 Title Ethics
Virginia 13   8 3 Ethics
Wyoming 13 13 8 3 Ethics
*Hours approved for LTAC's Certified Title Insurance Specialist designation program. No final exam required.

In-Person CE/CLE Opportunities

CE and CLE Credits are also available in conjunction with ALTA's Major Meetings.

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Past Meeting Professional Development

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Looking for Information on CE Requirements Specific to Your State?

Visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) website and check your state's latest requirements.

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