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The National Title Professional (NTP) Designation is designed to recognize land title professionals who demonstrate the knowledge, experience, and dedication essential to the safe and efficient transfer of real property.

Show evidence of your industry proficiency with the NTP designation. The NTP provides a format for land title professionals to demonstrate their knowledge, experience, and efficiency in, and dedication to, the land title industry. The NTP represents a measure of achievement and commitment to career development.

There are many professionals in the land title industry who are eligible for and deserve the recognition and prestige associated with the NTP designation. Read more to learn about the program details. Invest in your career and your industry by applying for designation today!

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Benefits of the NTP Program

  • Individual recognition in ALTA Publications and on the ALTA Website
  • Enhanced Individual and Industry Professionalism through:
  • Use of the NTP designation on your resume and in your networking activities
  • Enhanced status in the industry and among industry colleagues
  • Use of the NTP designation and logo in business publications and correspondence: business cards, email signature, letter signature, and on your company's website, brochures, and other marketing materials, pursuant to the Rules of Use as established by ALTA
  • A community of like-minded land title professionals
  • The advantage of special NTP benefits and recognition at ALTA events and select State Land Title Association meetings

Please note: Designation under the National Title Professional Program solely demonstrates that a land title professional has met the particular standards and criteria of the National Title Professional Program. Neither the American Land Title Association, nor the designation itself, guarantees or warrants anything beyond a designee's ability to meet such standards or criteria. The American Land Title Association makes no representations, warranties, or guarantees as to, and has and assumes no responsibility for the proper performance of land title services, including but not limited to the transfer of real property, or related services provided by designees.

Attention Florida Applicants: ALTA Staff is currently working with the Florida Department of Financial Services to approve the NTP designation for use in Florida under Florida Administrative Code 69B-215.235 (Use of Designations). At this time, the program has not been approved, so we recommend waiting to submit your application. Please check back for updates!

Qualifications Overview

The Qualifications Overview briefly lists the minimum qualifications for prospective applicants. Be sure to download and review the NTP Application for Designation for more detail.

Application Overview

This application consists of twelve sections, seven of which allow you to earn NTP Points towards the NTP designation.  You will need a minimum of 100 total NTP points to qualify for consideration.

Information & Prerequisites

  • Section 1: Applicant Information
  • Section 2: Industry & Compliance Prerequisites
  • Section 3: Training Prerequisites

Requesting NTP Points

  • Section 4: State/Regional Certification or Designation (worth a maximum of 30 NTP Points)
  • Section 5: Industry Experience (worth a maximum of 30 NTP Points)
  • Section 6: Attendance Record (worth a maximum of 30 NTP Points)
  • Section 7: ALTA Involvement (worth a maximum of 30 NTP Points)
  • Section 8: State/Regional Land Title Association Involvement (worth a maximum of 30 NTP Points)
  • Section 9: Involvement with Other Professional Organizations Related to the Land Title Industry (worth a maximum of 30 NTP Points)
  • Section 10: Education and Training (worth a maximum of 30 NTP Points)

Review & Summary

  • Section 11: NTP Points Calculation
  • Section 12: Professional Qualifications, Disclosure, and Attestation

Earn and Maintain Your NTP

All prospective Designees must complete and comply with the following steps in order to obtain the NTP designation:

  • Fulfill the pre-requisites set forth in the NTP Designation Qualifications Overview;
  • Complete your application and provide any supplemental materials as requested by the NTP Council;
  • Attest and certify that you are in, and will maintain, compliance with all state and local licensing, regulatory, and legal requirements;
  • Pledge commitment to any policies and procedures adopted by ALTA in connection with the NTP Designation;
  • Maintain your NTP Designation by completing the renewal process every three years pursuant to the policies and procedures regarding designation renewal adopted by ALTA. Once awarded, the designation begins immediately. The designation will expire on December 31st of the third year following designation. Renewal applications must be submitted by October 31st of the renewal year to allow time for processing.

Start Today!

  • Review the requirements and pre-requisites for the NTP Designation
  • Download and review the NTP Application for Designation
  • Align your professional development activities to fulfill the pre-requisites and requirements
  • Review the renewal requirements: Once awarded, the designation begins immediately. The designation will expire on December 31st of the third year following designation. Renewal applications must be submitted by October 31st of the renewal year to allow time for processing.

For More Information

  • Call the NTP Staff at 800-787-ALTA
  • Email the NTP Staff at

Staff Contacts

Director of Professional Development

Deirdre Green

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 232
Contact Me About: Online Courses and Educational Products, Call for Faculty, NTP Designation
Committee Liaison: Education Committee, National Title Professional Program Council, Research & Analytics Committee, Talent Committee

Vice President

Kelly L. Romeo CAE

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 224
Contact Me About: Industry Technology, MISMO, PRIA, ALTA/ACSM Surveys, Policy Forms
Committee Liaison: Aggregation Subcommittee, ALTA/NSPS Survey Work Group, Bylaws Committee, CISO Council, Existing Forms Subcommittee, Forms Committee, Homeowner's & ECRLP Subcommittee, Industry Business Steering Committee, Information Security Work Group, Operative Law Subcommittee, State Executives, Style Subcommittee

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