Requirements for Continuing Education Credit

  1. Buy and complete your course. Register and complete an approved pre-requisite course. Confirm Continuing Education Approved Courses and States. Course fees may vary. Completing the online coursework is a pre-requisite to the CE final exam.
  2. Confirm your CE exam eligibility. Once you have successfully completed the pre-requisite course(s), you are eligible to order the corresponding CE Exam(s). If you have not completed a pre-requisite course within the past 12 months, you will not be able to order the CE exam. If ordering the course and the exam at the same time, you must first add the course to your cart, then add the exam.
  3. Order your CE Exam and select your license state. If you are licensed in more than one state, please select each state. Currently, all CE exams are available at no cost to you. Order a CE Exam here.
  4. Take your exam with a proctor present. The CE Exam is a written exam composed of 30-50 questions of both multiple choice and true and false format. The CE Exam(s), exam affidavit, and exam instructions will be emailed to you for completion. An exam proctor must certify that you did not receive outside help or cheat during the exam.
  5. Send your completed exam to ALTA. Return the completed exam(s) and affidavit for review. CE Exams can be returned by email, fax, or regular mail. The final exam(s) and certifications are graded by ALTA Staff.
  6. How do I get my credits? Upon successful completion, ALTA Staff will report CE credits to your state regulator and issue a certificate of credit. This process may take up to two weeks from the date the completed exam is received. There is an optional exam rush for CE exam review and reporting if your license expiration date is approaching.

Email [email protected] or call 800-787-2582 with any questions or issues.

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Approved Courses and States

CE Credits are available in some states. Check to see if your state is approved.

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In-Person CE/CLE Opportunities

CE and CLE Credits are also available in conjunction with ALTA's Major Meetings.

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Past Meeting Professional Development

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Looking for Information on CE Requirements Specific to Your State?

Visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) website and check your state's latest requirements.

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