The ALTA MISMO Liaison Work Group monitors and reports on the activities of the Mortgage Industry Standards Management Organization (MISMO).  MISMO, a membership based organization, is owned by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and has for the past 25 years created standard for mortgage lending data. Title and settlement is an integral part of mortgage lending and as such title and settlement data passes between our membership and their lender customers.  MISMO membership consists of lenders, technology vendors, and vendors to the lending industry.

MISMO is organized into many groups designed to monitor industry changes, create products, manage the organization and to provide governance and oversight. The monitoring and development of products is defined in the MISMO Framework Document are the responsibilities of Work Groups (WG), Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Development Work Groups (DWGs).

  • The MISMO WGs are standing groups responsible for oversight, governance and approval of MISMO products. The WG are known as, Information Management Work Group (IM), Architecture Work Group (AWG), both of which report up to the Residential Standards Governance Committee (RSGC)
  • A CoP represents the business or technology interests of an industry segment and is made up of subject matter experts for that particular segment of the industry. The COPs form the working core of MISMO. The CoPs cover all aspects of the industry value chain including origination, servicing, investing, related services, and other activities. In some instances, a COP may be formed for collaboration specific to certain technical or engineering or business areas of focus. All CoPs report up to RSGC.
  • A DWG is eligible to be formed when the scope of the proposed work is beyond the normal scope or capability of an existing COP, requires a significant cross functional effort, requires a dedicated team, or requires skills or expertise not present in an existing CoP. DWGs report up to their respective CoPs.
  • The purpose of a Work Request is to; define a solution to meet a need for a data standard, bring together subject matter experts and develop a solution that will create a MISMO product. The start to finish process of product development is called the MISMO Residential Development Process.

The outcome of the Residential Development Process is typically a MISMO product that has been accepted as an information standard for the lending industry

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) together with many of its members, is a MISMO member. ALTA actively encourages its membership to participate in MISMO.

The Title and Closing Community of Practice is the MISMO CoP that focused upon data that relates to title and settlement. Typically, the Chair of this CoP comes from a title or settlement company, escrow company or the American Land Title Association (ALTA). Leaders of CoPs, and DWGs are appointed as s result of voting by members of each group.

The ALTA MISMO Liaison Work Group as defined on the engagement page focusses on the work of MISMO as related to title. It meets once a quarter, discusses and reviews MISMO activities and summarizes them in a table called MISMO Work That Impacts Title. The current matrix is found below.

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