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Are you new to ALTA Best Practices and unsure of how to start implementing the Best Practices standards? Check out the links below and get started on the path towards Best Practices compliance.

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Create Policies and Procedures

  • Best Practices Policy and Procedure Creation Guidance [M]

    The Policy and Procedure Creation Guidance includes detailed instructions and tips on how to draft procedures that fit a company's practices, an example of what written policies and procedures should look like, as well as a template to provide a standard format for recording policies and procedures.

  • Sample Outline/Table of Contents for Best Practices Policy and Procedure [M]

    The Sample Outline provides an example of items a final policy and procedure should include.

  • Template for Best Practices Policy and Procedure [M]

    The Template provides a standard format for companies to use when drafting their policy and procedures. After drafting their policies and procedures, companies can combine these Templates into a Best Practices Manual.

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