On March 7, the Biden Administration released a plan aimed at lowering housing costs that includes a pilot to waive the requirement for lender’s title insurance on certain refinances. ALTA called the announcement a political gesture offering a false promise of savings for homeowners while exposing consumers, lenders and taxpayers to greater financial risk. The plan does nothing to help expand affordable homeownership opportunities to those most in need.

  • Read ALTA’s full statement here.
Understanding the Cost of Title Insurance

Use this document to showcase the benefits of title insurance as well as a cost breakdown analysis of how the money spent on title insurance is used. The median cost of title insurance and settlement services is 0.67% of the purchase price.

Protecting America’s Property Rights Act

Title insurance is the most effective way to protect the property rights of homeowners and the security of a lender’s mortgage. Historically, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the GSEs) have required a lender’s title insurance policy on loans sold to them.

Protecting Americas Property Rights Act One Pager

This one-pager breaks down the main talking points and benefits of title insurance to the American people.