Real Property Records Committee

The purpose and scope of work of this committee is to:

  1. Monitor and report to the title industry on organizations with interests and activities relevant to public land records such as the International Association of Government Officials (iGO), the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA), and the Association for Title Management (ATIM).

  2. Inform and educate ALTA members and other committees on legal, regulatory, technological, and public policy developments which affect the land title industry's timely and cost effective access to land records that are reliable, complete, and accurate.

  3. Support ALTA members, industry partners, and government organizations in the development of efficient, reliable, and accessible public recordation systems and practices which support the safe and efficient transfer of real property.

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Public Documents

January 11 2012 Meeting Agenda
20120111 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

October 14 2011 Meeting Agenda
201110 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

June 19 2011 Meeting Agenda
20110719 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

May 8 2011 Meeting Agenda
201105 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

October 15 2010 Meeting Agenda
201010 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

June 14 2010 Meeting Agenda
201006 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

May 2 2010 Meeting Agenda
20090502 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

January 8 2010 Meeting Agenda
20100108 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

June 10 2009 Meeting Agenda
20090610 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

April 19 2009 Meeting Agenda
20090419 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

January 12 2009 Meeting Agenda
20090112 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

October 6 2008 Meeting Agenda
200810 RealPropRecsCommAgenda.doc

June 2, 2008 Meeting Agenda

April 13, 2008 Meeting Agenda

January 9, 2008 Meeting Agenda

October 9, 2007 Meeting Agenda

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