2016 ALTA Strategic Priorities

ALTA Strategic Priorities Archive

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  • Best Practices
    • Focus on providing specific guidance for our members and stakeholders
    • Improve our communications and relationships with lenders
      • Develop a workgroup with various banking trades on Third Party Relationships and conduct education outreach
      • Work on Closing Instructions – seek publication of model sections, language, or instructions
    • Improve Best Practice governance structure to manage concerns and revisions more effectively
  • TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures
    • Collect data on impact/issues of TRID to effectively advocate for changes
    • Continue our training efforts and provide resources for our members
  • ALTA Registry Project
    • Complete the Registry to provide ALTA Universal ID to the industry
  • Consumer Experience
    • Promote adoption of the Homebuyer Outreach Program
  • Industry Integrity
    • Continue the education for our members on regulatory enforcement action, legal opinions, and other directives on legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Cyber-Security
    • Provide tools and education on practical, scalable ways to operate securely
    • Work with security officers of member companies
[eGuide] Access 'The Title Operator's Guide to Implementing ALTA Best Practices' from Qualia.