Florida Agency Network Launces Virtual Closing Assistant

August 27, 2020

Florida Agency Network (FAN) has launched a new virtual closing assistant to enhance the customer closing experience.

The free service called Alanna.ai answers closing transaction questions and is composed of artificial intelligence that integrates with FAN’s title production software. It can provide dedicated and private responses to common questions related to closing transactions.

“In today’s environment where the demand to provide multiple options for client communication continues to grow, we are excited to offer such a robust and intuitive solution,” said Mike LaRossa, FAN’s chief operating officer. "Alanna.ai offers the ability for text updates, both outbound from our live staff if they need to interject, and also triggered responses from Alanna.ai directly based on the particular query. Too often we found our staff either utilizing personal devices, or text features generated by our VOIP phone systems, and none of those correspondences would tie back into the closing software database, allowing us to properly capture and record all communication on a file. Alanna.ai was able to solve that problem for us through a cool, mobile solution that is simple to use."

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.

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