ANTIC Launches Automated Title Search Engine

June 16, 2020

Agents National Title Insurance Company (ANTIC) launched an automated title data search and decision engine.

REalSearch utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with sound underwriting guidelines to search both traditional and non-traditional property data sources, the company said in a release. The result is a title product that allows title agents to close transactions faster and with less title clearance.

The REalSearch report augments the traditional search and exam process and can be combined with a traditional title production platform to reduce exam time and increase accuracy. In many instances, files are clear to close with no further work by the agent. The logic in the workflow is paired with current Agents National Title Insurance underwriting rules to produce a product that is backed by a national underwriter.

According to ANTIC President, David Townsend, lenders will be able to use REalSearch to expedite loan underwriting and close transactions faster. In addition, it has analytic capabilities for portfolio retention and is a pliable tool that can be used for multiple facets of the lending process. REalSearch is unique in that it can be utilized early in the lending process, improving process workflow and shortening the origination process.

Townsend is confident that REalSearch will provide a state-of-the-art solution for title agents and lenders.

“REalSearch will revolutionize the way title agents operate. It gives them the tools to compete at the highest levels,” he added. “They will have technology at their fingertips that will create unprecedented efficiencies.”

Todd Mendolia, ANTIC COO is excited for the uses for REalSearch. “REalSearch represents ANTIC’s commitment to bring the most advanced technology to the market. REalSearch is designed to deliver title products that aren’t just fast, they’re done right. Whether you are a lender looking to dramatically impact your loan lifecycle or an agent needing to find workflow efficiencies, REalSearch and ANTIC are here to support you.”

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