Title Insurance is Confusing. We Make it Easy

January 28, 2020

Give us One Day to Help You Grow Your Business

Title insurance can be difficult to explain. Try describing it to your friends and neighbors, and their eyes glaze over. We’ve all been there. But the bigger problem is that title insurance is hard for people in the real estate transaction to understand, too! How can you get a homebuyer to purchase an owner’s policy when half the people in the room don’t grasp the benefits of the product?

That’s where we come in. ALTA’s Homeowner Outreach Program (HOP) Leader Training equips you with the tools you need to coach others how to explain the benefits of title insurance to consumers. Just think: If you could easily teach your employees as well as Realtor and lender partners to understand how title insurance works and why it’s important, you would have a whole new team of people talking title!

Additionally, HOP Leader Training teaches you how to utilize the marketing materials ALTA provides to help you gain new customers and grow your market share. And who doesn’t want more clients?

In just ONE DAY, the training will help you:

  • Position your company in a digital world and reach new customers
  • Effectively engage and inform your employees as well as Realtor and lender customers
  • Captivate your audience from beginning to end
  • Stay within the law
  • Learn the ins and outs of HOP and why the program was developed
  • Discover tips and tricks during a 60-minute HOP presentation

Once training is completed, HOP Leaders are entitled to the following perks:

  • 10% discount to ALTA major meetings
  • Recognition at ALTA events
  • Opportunity to speak at industry events
  • Listed on ALTA website as an official ALTA-trained HOP Leader
  • HOP Leader lapel pin
  • Certificate of leadership

HOP Leader Training
April 8
Atlanta, Ga.
Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel

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As an added bonus, the ALTA & MBA Digital Closing & eMortgage Boot Camp is being held April 8-9 in Atlanta at the same hotel. The Early Bird Rate ends on Feb. 25, so register now and save!

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.