ClosingLock Offers E-Signing Service

August 1, 2019

ClosingLock announced it now offers an electronic signing service for its clients.

“We worked diligently to give our customers the ability to securely share documents and also have those documents electronically signed, all within the same system,” said Andy White, ClosingLock’s CEO and co-founder. “Several of our current clients gave us great insight into their system needs, and we believe our new e-signing feature fulfills those needs.”

ClosingLock allows closing and settlement companies to share wire transfer documents via a secure web-based service, allowing everyone to avoid the email and phone phishing scams prevalent in the real estate industry.

“The ability to electronically sign documents within ClosingLock is convenient and another step toward our long-term goal of servicing real estate on all sides of the transaction,” White said.

In 2018 ClosingLock (under the BuyerDocs name) protected more than $6.3 billion in real estate wire transfers while being used in all 50 states and 28 countries worldwide.

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