SafeChain Digitizes Property Deed Transfer and Conveyance for Ohio County

January 15, 2019

SafeChain recently completed the digital conversion of Perry County, Ohio’s deed transfer and conveyance process between the engineer and auditor.

As of Jan. 7, the Perry County Engineer’s office can digitize property deeds before the inspection and mapping process. Moving forward, each deed will receive a digital stamp backed by blockchain for added transparency and security, eliminating the need for physical authorization. The deeds will then be electronically transferred to the county Auditor’s office for conveyance.

“As public servants, our top priority is to ensure that we operate as efficiently as possible to best serve our constituents—regardless of the size of our jurisdiction,” said Perry County Auditor Drew Cannon. “By working with SafeChain and the Perry County Engineer to modernize our operations and eliminate the need for a physical stamp, we’ve completed a key step for a 100 percent digital deed transfer and conveyance process. Through this project, we are providing transparency for property owners about their deed status, while also increasing our operational efficiency.”

Perry County marks another successful public-private partnership in which SafeChain has worked with local government officials to utilize the latest technology to transact property more efficiently. Previously, SafeChain partnered with the Franklin County Auditor’s Office to facilitate the sale of 36 forfeiture properties via blockchain.

“When SafeChain entered the real estate industry, we knew that tackling the industry's biggest challenges in both the public and private sectors was the only way to truly innovate a process that has existed for hundreds of years,” said Tony Franco, CEO and co-founder of SafeChain. “Perry County is a great example of how innovation comes from across the state and isn’t limited to metropolitan jurisdictions. By eliminating these physical and analog processes, SafeChain is excited to continue partnering with forward-thinking elected officials to improve the taxpayer experience of transacting property.”

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