NextDeal Unveils Technology to Automate Delivery, Security of Documents

October 18, 2016

NextDeal announced its breakthrough technology preDOCS is now available to title and settlement service agencies. The latest NextDeal technology securely sends opening packages to buyers and sellers and guides them through completion of the documents, even providing the ability for an e-signature as necessary.

“Until now the title industry has relied heavily upon the U.S. mail or standard email to deliver, and receive, opening packages and letters,” said NextDeal CEO Robert Reich said. “We saw a need to securitize this process and significantly increase the low response rate experienced by title and escrow agents.”

preDOCS automates the electronic delivery of opening packages for review, completion and e-signature by both buyers and sellers. In a press release, NextDeal said the technology increases accuracy by eliminating duplicate data-entry since documents and data are returned to the escrow file. A full audit trail is available so users can track when the documents are received and opened with time-stamped information.

“As a result of our title production software integrations, completed opening package documents and data are able to be securely and directly uploaded to most software files ensuring real estate closings comply with ALTA Best Practices and consumer non-public personal information remains protected while potentially greatly reducing the time spent at the closing table,” added Reich.

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