LandTech Upgrades eSign Application

March 6, 2012

Landtech Data Corporation has released an upgrade to its Landtech eSign for the iPhone and iPad. This is a free application available in the Apple App Store.

Signing title and real estate documents on the iPad and iPhone is made simple as Landtech eSign allows signatures and text to be placed anywhere within PDF documents, the company said in a release.

Documents can be transferred to Landtech eSign and back to a user's desktop via the iTunes App. Simply take a photo (scan) of existing documents to automatically create a PDF to sign. Whenever viewing a PDF within Safari (browser) or any application displaying a PDF you have the option to send the document to Landtech eSign for execution.

With the built-in emailer, users have the ability to email signed documents anywhere. Landtech eSign provides a simple and easy way to execute documents directly from your iPad or iPhone eliminating the paper process, said Benjamin Bell, vice president of LandTech.

Bell explained a practical use he experienced recently.

"I was submitting a corporate resolution for a loan and the bank needed two officers as signatories,” he said. “I was at the bank by myself. I signed the Resolution and then took my iPhone and snapped a picture. I emailed it to a person at the office and they quickly signed the Resolution on their iPad and returned it via email to the bank's officer."

Benjamin goes on to point out he didn’t have to hunt for a fax machine and the office didn't have to print, sign and scan to return the resolution.

“It saved so many steps we were all smiling,” he said. “It always seemed a bit silly to receive it by email, print and sign it – only to then scan it and send it back via email."

Bell said Landtech is building the Landtech Document Management System to incorporate publishing, which will allow documents to be sent to anyone who has the Landtech eSign installed on their iPhone or iPad, which is a free app.

The free app is available by searching the iTunes App Store for "Landtech eSign" or by clicking here.

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