ALTA® Decertifies Prior Loan and Owner’s Policies

June 18, 2007

ALTA has announced the "decertification" of those versions of its Loan and Owner's Policy forms dated 10-17-92 and most of the accompanying endorsement forms that are not designated with "-06” at the end of the form name. This action had been taken in June 2006, but with a delayed effective date of June 17, 2007, to permit implementation of the new forms by the title and lending industries.

The effect of this decertification action is that ALTA will no longer recognize such earlier forms as official ALTA forms. However, ALTA recognizes that the prior forms continue to exist and individual insurers have prior policy form stock in the marketplace. Moreover, at least for some time, customers may request (or regulatory approval may mandate the use of) some earlier ALTA forms. Therefore, for the time being, we will maintain an archive of these earlier forms on the ALTA Policy Forms Online service on our Web site for the convenience of our subscribers to this service. We acknowledge the recent action of Freddie Mac in delaying, until January 1, 2008, the required use of the '06 ALTA Loan Policy and that Freddie Mac "strongly encouraged" the immediate use of that form during the interim period while permitting the continued used of the prior 1992 ALTA Loan Policy. ALTA's decertification of that form, as noted above, has little impact on that programmatic decision by Freddie Mac.

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