DomiDocs Unveils Homeowner Platform

February 1, 2024

DomiDocs Inc. has launched a platform aimed at improving the closing and homeownership experience.

The platform brings together a range of tools, data and functionality to consumers.

"Our products and services are market fluctuation agnostic,” said William McKenna IV, founder and CEO of DomiDocs. “All American homeowners are feeling the financial pinch in this economic environment. Our goal is to consolidate all the homeowner's business needs into one single portal of convenience. By uniting all the different technologies, service providers, and education, we empower homeowners. This is more than just a tech play; it's a revolution in homeownership.”

The DomiDocs platform includes:

  • HomeLock: According to DomiDocs, this product tracks properties by parcel number and property address, and has a custom-built search engine to help thwart residential property fraud.
  • TrueValueIndex: This service offers property valuations using AVM data, custom coding and algorithms. There’s an option to add home improvements, upgrades and maintenance, so homeowners can actively boost their property’s value.
  • propRtax: This is an assessment tool that helps homeowners determine if their property taxes are on point. With its reports and step-by-step guides, contesting tax assessments can be more effective, according to DomiDocs.
  • Documenting for Disaster: This program helps homeowners prepare for emergencies, serving as a digital go bag to ensure maximum insurance payout and expedited claim processing.
  • Real Estate Transactions: DomiDocs offers secure digital document delivery and permanent storage.

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