The Eagle Has Landed

October 11, 2023

Thaddeus Reveals All at ALTA ONE

ALTA’s eagle-eyed mascot, Thaddeus, has been the face of the American Land Title Association for almost 75 years. But it was finally time for a glowup: Thaddeus flew from ALTA HQ in Washington, D.C., to ALTA ONE in Colorado Springs, Colo., under the guise of watching over the title insurance industry—but his true secret mission was to reveal his new identity! (If you missed Thaddeus’ journey from ALTA HQ to ALTA ONE, watch all four episodes here.)

ALTA is thrilled to announce its new brand identity—redesigned to reflect how the title insurance industry has adapted in the digital age. ALTA’s rebranding efforts reinforce how the industry has evolved to address the ever-changing landscape in which ALTA members do business. It also reinforces what ALTA is as an organization: an advocate and protector of property rights that is committed to meeting the evolving needs of its members.

Established 116 years ago, ALTA’s brand has long been a sign of confidence for consumers who purchase real estate. Rich in history and tradition, ALTA originally introduced an eagle into its logo in 1949. Now with an updated color palette, readable san serif fonts and a fresh horizontal logo, the new branding helps position ALTA as a modern, forward-thinking association that has evolved into the digital age.

ALTA's new brand identity includes an update of its website, Incorporating the new brand identity, the association’s website also has been redesigned to be more visually appealing and reorganized to be more user-friendly, less intimidating and easier to navigate on all devices.

ALTA now looks and feels just as inspired and resourceful as the products and services we offer!

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