Title Companies Partner With MyListing to Facilitate Real Estate Deals Using Crypto

April 27, 2023

Millennial Title and Championship Title have partnered with MyEListing.com to facilitate real estate transactions with crypto via an integration with Coinbase Commerce.

The initiative is called the Accelerated Sale And Purchase (ASAP) program. MyEListing.com hosts the marketplace, Coinbase Commerce converts the buyers’ crypto into cash for the seller, and Millennial Title and Championship Title handle the title work.

“This initiative will drive innovation in the crypto and real estate industries,” says Caleb Richter, CEO of MyEListing.com. “Real estate commerce needs to be changed. It’s hard enough as it is to buy property in your local neighborhood, let alone in another state or country. With the ASAP program, anyone, regardless of the language they speak or where they are in the world, can purchase American real estate with crypto in as little as one business day.”

The program launched April 20 for Texas-only properties. According to a press release, the program will expand to other states in June.

MyEListing.com is a national commercial real estate marketplace and data platform connecting real estate professionals and others from all corners of the industry. They support the likeness of NAI Global, Colliers and Cushman & Wakefield.

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