New York Launches New Electronic Notary License System to Provide Online Services

February 7, 2023

The New York State Department of State launched the availability of a new online application and registration portal for notaries. Notaries can now register the capability to perform electronic notarial acts. Registration of the capability to perform electronic notary services is opt-in. Through the traditional license, notaries will continue to provide services through in-person interaction with an individual signing a document in ink.

“We live in a digital world where many transactions and services are facilitated online, in order to have a quick and simple way of processing things in our day-to-day activities,” said Secretary of State Robert Rodriguez. “The Department of State, a gateway of opportunity, is proud to facilitate the access to electronic online notary services to make it easier for New Yorkers to conduct business in a rapid and accessible manner.” 

This change will allow licensees who are commissioned as a notary public to continue with their commission without making any changes to their license. If licensed notaries do not intend to provide electronic notary services, they do not need to upgrade their commission.

Those already licensed and intending to provide electronic notary services will need to register with the Department of State the capability to perform electronic notarial acts. Electronic notary services must be provided by registered electronic notaries.

A new online portal will be launched to facilitate notary transactions with the Department of State. This portal allows notaries to easily apply for a credential online and will soon allow notaries to quickly perform many related transactions, such as changing a name or address and scheduling an examination. The portal will also allow licensees to check the status of applications. The department will also continue to make a paper application available for traditional notaries.

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