Tips to Grow Your Business in a Tightening Market

September 20, 2022

The housing market is starting to normalize. But you don’t have to let conditions dictate your company’s growth. By taking action now, your operation will be primed to get ahead. Your team is ready, willing and able. The only question now is, how? Listen to this SoftPro-sponsored ALTA Insights webinar to learn clear strategies to empower you and your team to grow your business—even in this changing market. 

During this presentation, Cynthia McGovern, CEO of Orange Leaf Consulting, explains how to:

  • Refocus your goals: Diversify your business, connect with customers and grab more market share.
  • Define your brand: Discover your purpose and nail your process to stand out from the competition.
  • Lead your team: Create and follow a proven plan, give employees a voice and remain optimistic. 

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