American Digital Title Authorized to Underwrite in California

July 14, 2022

American Digital Title Insurance Co. received its license to underwrite in California from the state’s Department of Insurance.

Colorado-based American Digital Title, which is now licensed in 47 states, is owned by insurance giant Munich Re.

“Getting into the California market is a major milestone in the evolution of American Digital Title,” said James Dufficy, president of American Digital Title. “Importantly, we are looking forward to working with our title agent partners to extend the benefits of our Automated Underwriting Model (AUM) offering to this crucial market.”

Through its partnership with Spruce, American Digital Title continues to expand its AUM, which provides instant validation of title status. In addition, American Digital Title reported its AUM is supplemented by instant data feeds of legal and vesting for a large percentage of title orders submitted to it. The company said this eliminates much of the time and expense involved in the manual process of pulling deeds and searching the chain of title to validate the current status of vesting. The underwriting model utilizes both artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology, as well as public and private data sources.

“By implementing cutting-edge technology, we’re able to automate real estate transactions, resulting in a more predictable process,” said Patrick Burns, CEO and co-founder of Spruce. “Working with like-minded partners like American Digital Title is critical in presenting both homeowners and investors the best possible experience.”

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