ALTA Insights: How to Handle Cryptocurrency Transactions

June 30, 2022

The real estate industry is rapidly changing as new technologies and services influence the way deals are funded and transacted. One of the emerging technologies of the last decade is cryptocurrency. With about 46 million Americans owning a share of Bitcoin, title and settlement agents will increasingly be asked to facilitate real estate transactions involving some type of cryptocurrency. Listen to this ALTA Insights webinar, held in conjunction with the New York State Land Title Association, to learn what policies and procedures your company will need to develop to meet the evolving demands of your clients.

The webinar provides:

  • An overview of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Examples of Transactions Using Cryptocurrency
  • Requirements and Platforms to Facilitate These Transactions
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Future of Crypto and Real Estate


  • Andrew Zankel | President - Core Title Services | Technology Chair of NYSLTA | Associate Chair - Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
  • Alexander Kanen | Founder - Kanen Law Firm | Chair - Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, Tokenization and Real Estate Working Groups
  • Piper Moretti | Founder & CEO - The Crypto Realty Group, eXp Realty | NAR Crypto Presidential Advisory Group

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