titleLOOK Adds New Title Review Automation

November 30, 2021

Mainspring Services announced that its titleLOOK solution now includes new automation features that eliminate the manual title review process.

titleLOOK is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that learns as customers use it and publishes the title package to a branded, mobile-web format within seconds. The new features are available to titleLOOK customers throughout the United States.

titleLOOK works with PDF or Word documents from any production software and transforms the title package into a digital format that works on any device. Through titleLOOK's approach to codebook and clearance information management, all relevant sections of the commitment are extracted, summarized and categorized as red or yellow flags based on customer or underwriter qualifications. The platform’s new features also include daily reports of red or yellow flag exceptions and requirements. These reports provide visibility and intelligence that allows management to properly direct difficult title clearance tasks to the appropriate employees.

“As automation continues to improve the search, exam, and decision processes in the title industry, the subsequent review and clearance steps have remained relatively unchanged,” said Mainspring Services CEO Bill Boyington. “Most employees still manually review the title commitment to identify exceptions and requirements that may delay clearance timelines. These red-flag items are then manually communicated through multiple communication channels. The result is a lack of transparency, longer timelines, and more errors in the title clearance process. Our new features directly address these problems, and we are thrilled to deliver them to our customers.”

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