and TitleTap Introduce Anna

August 17, 2021

Title technology developer has introduced “Anna,” a chat widget version of its conversational AI assistant, Alanna. Anna responds to general questions and gathers information from users of any TitleTap-produced website.

TitleTap is a national provider of title agent and attorney websites.

Anna was built to be a standalone chat widget. It does not tie into a title agency’s production system as Alanna does. Anna’s primary function is to respond to general questions and gather information. Any answers are pre-defined, and all messages are routed to the proper personnel.

Alanna is a conversational AI technology that can engage in complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat, usually on customer service matters. Its new ability draws directly from a title agent’s production system database, allowing the agent to sort the intended audience by things like profession (real estate agent or lender), zip code, closing date, purchase price or even lending product. It can then send a marketing text that can be the starting point for a text conversation with members of that audience.

“Anna is basically Alanna’s little sister,” said Hoyt Mann, co-founder and president of “Her function is to aid title companies or law firms using a TitleTap website to answer basic prospect or customer questions and route them to the right person. Although Anna doesn’t have all of the abilities Alanna has, she is still an amazing boost to customer service and aid to businesses already benefiting from a TitleTap-produced website.”

Dean Collura, co-founder and CEO of Title Tap, added, “TitleTap prides itself on building websites that deliver maximum value in any market.  Most title agents and attorneys are incredibly busy right now, Anna brings an exceptional amount of value in time savings and efficiency. We understand the energy it takes to deliver quality closings, so having an assistant like Anna to answer basic questions from prospects or clients is a real booster for our customer’s productivity. We are thrilled to partner with to bring this extra value to our website clients.”

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