Enverus Acquires Integrity Title

June 16, 2021

Enverus recently acquired Integrity Title Company, a provider of title plant access in Texas and New Mexico.

Enverus, a global energy data analytics and SaaS technology company, plans to integrate Integrity Title's technology into a unique-to-market online platform called Integrity Title Plants.

Integrity Title's title plant databases currently cover 92 title plant counties in Texas and 15 title plant counties in New Mexico and constitute more than 90% and 75% of the population and title premium remittance respectively for the two states.

"Anyone who works in a land-based industry knows that constructing a chain of title is a very time-consuming, document-intensive task requiring multiple searches through cumbersome card and tract plants, and often, in-person trips to county courthouses," said Scott Luna, director and former owner of Integrity Title. " Integrity Title Plants is best positioned to support land diligence for all residential or commercial projects be it land or energy development, including wind or solar farms, highways and road expansion and transmission lines or pipelines."

Silas Martin, general manager of land products at Enverus, added, “Texas has become the number one state in the nation for net new population growth resulting in accelerated demand for title research. If title companies and underwriters are not prepared for the spike in activity, they will miss capturing their share of this expanding market.”

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