Mainspring Services Unveils Service That Hyperlinks Documents, Creates Web-based Format

March 10, 2021

Mainspring Services has launched a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that streamlines the title production process and creates a new web-based standard for title commitments and preliminary title reports.

Called titleLOOK, the technology works with both PDF and DOC file types that are exported by any production software. The application automatically hyperlinks the report to the relevant search documents, summarizes title exceptions, grades reports and alerts users to curative tasks.

“This technology is a major step forward for the space, creating a truly digital format for the industry's most important deliverable, its commitment to provide a title policy for the transaction," said Bill Boyington, CEO of Mainspring Services. “The title industry is not simply a data provider, but rather a knowledge provider. That knowledge—to assemble relevant information, identify defects and take curative action—has always been locked away within traditional document formats. titleLOOK unlocks this powerful knowledge and makes it available digitally, leading to new and exciting opportunities."

While titleLOOK’s digital presentation and data opportunities represent major upgrades for the industry, the benefit of hyperlinking automation continues to be a driving force for the platform's adoption. Hyperlinking was identified as an unresolved issue at last year's 2020 ALTA SPRINGBOARD event and recognized as a very time-consuming process for many title agencies. This is especially relevant for commercial commitments, which often contain hundreds of supporting search documents. The automatic hyperlinking feature in titleLOOK solves this pain point and provides a transformative user experience for the transaction, according to Boyington.

“Through industry collaboration, we quickly learned that title companies are looking to drive business development and increase brand loyalty through client engagement,” Boyington said. “Our platform offers content management options, including custom branding, educational tips that are customized by user type, easy access to document bundles, and a format that looks great on any device. This keeps users engaged throughout the clearance process. It’s a big win, not just for those in title and escrow, but for lenders, real estate agents and consumers, especially.”

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