SoftPro Releases New App to Improve Ordering, Delivery of Services

December 3, 2020

SoftPro released a new application within its business exchange platform that enhances ordering and delivering of services between users.  

With Sync, one SoftPro customer can order services such as a title search or a title commitment directly from another SoftPro customer. The customer ordering the services is identified as the requestor and the customer providing the services is identified as the provider. Using the title commitment request, for example, the requestor can order a title commitment directly from the provider. The provider can produce the commitment without having to rekey data such as the buyer name, sales price, loan amount, etc. Once the commitment is generated, it can be quickly delivered back to the ordering customer via Sync.

“We are truly excited about Sync’s ability to connect our customers for the purposes of exchanging services,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “The ability to securely share data through Sync improves productivity for both the party ordering the service and the party providing the service.”

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