RamQuest Integrates With Title Data

August 25, 2020

RamQuest’s Closing Market digital network is now integrated with Texas-based title plant provider Title Data.

Title Data maintains over 6.5 million digital copies of starter title insurance commitments and policies that are linked to the corresponding parcel in the geographic portion of the title plant in its online image library. Through Title Data’s starter share program, Texas title agents can contribute their starter files to Title Data’s online image library and generate monthly income.

“We’re excited to bring this integration with RamQuest to our mutual customers and make it quicker and easier for them to begin earning income with our Starter Share Program,” said Kevin Gugenheim, president and CEO of Title Data said. “Plans for future enhancements to this integration will add even more efficiencies to the title search and examination process for our title agents.”

The integration automates the upload of new and historical commitments and policies from a RamQuest customer’s production solution to the Title Data digital starter library.

“Enabling the automated delivery of new commitments and policies from our RamQuest solution to Title Data for resale has been very helpful for Celebrity Title,” commented Joe Rothchild, president at Celebrity Title.

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