DataTrace Launches Nationwide Title Automation Solution

July 28, 2020

DataTrace Information Services LLC announced the launch of a title automation solution that unifies multiple processes for expedited nationwide title report production.

Traditional title search and examination processes are challenged by multiple title data sources, inefficient manual processes and difficult data transfers between systems. DataTrace said TitleIQ Enterprise solves this industry challenge, delivering more efficient, accurate report and commitment production through a single source platform.

“Today’s market is evolving faster than ever, and to remain successful, title and settlement services companies must employ efficient, innovative technologies coupled with accurate, complete title data and trusted expertise,” said Robert Karraa, president of DataTrace. “By leveraging advanced automation efficiencies in a national single source title solution, TitleIQ Enterprise unlocks new technology automation advantages—surpassing anything on the market today—enabling clients to drive growth.”

TitleIQ Enterprise is powered by a network of real estate title plants, tax data and recorded property data, including seven billion land record images. According to DataTrace, TitleIQ Enterprise delivers a unique combination of nationwide data sources, unified title search workflows, automation efficiencies, a robust examination workbench and end-to-end integrations with leading title production systems.

“Our clients face costly, error-prone manual processes, complex workflows and disconnected systems. The lack of integration between data sources, search processes, examination workflows and closing systems complicates productivity, quality and turn-time,” said Jim Portner, vice president of product and strategy at DataTrace. “As part of our growing DataTrace Automation Suite, TitleIQ Enterprise simplifies and automates the journey toward efficient, automated title report production nationwide with advanced capabilities and workflows.”

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