Do You Know You Are NOT in the ALTA Registry?

February 12, 2020

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The ALTA Registry has hit critical mass, and lenders are looking for you! More than 8,000 of your competitors’ locations are already confirmed in the ALTA Registry—what are you waiting for?

Listings in the ALTA Registry are FREE, and ALTA membership is not required. Each year, the ALTA Registry is searched more than 12,000 times, and the number continues to grow. In January alone, the Registry was searched 1,000 times.

Your lender customers want accuracy and precision when it comes to working with title agents. The ALTA Registry delivers just that—at no cost to you.

Lenders typically search for an ALTA ID or company name. Some of these searches may have been for you! 

We want to make sure you, as a valued title professional, don’t miss out. Last year, ALTA IDs were added to Encompass® to make placing orders with title agents easier.

If you are unsure about your status in the ALTA Registry, check out your underwriter confirmation status at

Get Your Free ALTA Registry Listing

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