SoftPro Integrates With ZOCCAM

January 9, 2020

SoftPro recently integrated its 360 Business Exchange Platform with ZOCCAM, which enables parties in a real estate transaction to securely send funds and documents. The integration allows SoftPro users to connect with ZOCCAM for such submissions as well as authenticating the borrower’s identification.

Real estate agents and buyers can send earnest money through ZOCCAM’s Mobile Remote Deposit Capture application. All parties automatically receive notifications of the deposit.

“SoftPro shares ZOCCAM’s vision for saving time for our customers,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “Our integration with ZOCCAM not only increases productivity, but also supports our users’ efforts to securely transmit funds and documents.”

SoftPro provides its 360 business exchange platform as a free service to its users. Acting as a bridge, it eliminates the need for paper order forms, dual entry, faxes, e-mails and phone calls with automated access to dozens of national vendors such as ZOCCAM.

“The ZOCCAM SoftPro 360 integration brings increased value to our customers by further streamlining the escrow process with automation so title company employees can focus on customer service and customer acquisition,” said Ashley Cook, CEO and founder of ZOCCAM.

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