Black Knight Adds New Features and Functionality to Title Plant Application

June 20, 2019

Black Knight announced it has made enhancements to its title plant application TitlePoint, which are designed to improve the user experience and expand the number of available data assets for users throughout Florida.

Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties have already undergone these application enhancements. Updates for additional Florida counties are underway and will be completed soon.

“All of these new enhancements, coupled with our reputation for outstanding service, will create a one-stop title shop for clients, who will no longer need to search for the title and property information they need from multiple data providers,” said Lisa Roessler, Black Knight vice president of title strategy. Black Knight is focused on continuously enhancing our systems to provide premier products, comprehensive datasets and exceptional service. These advancements come as a direct result of listening to our clients, and we are proud to provide greater efficiency, increased accuracy and a better user experience for our clients in Florida.”

Enhanced features and functionality include:

  • “Arbed” Metes and Bounds: Expedites searches by helping ensure a Property in Question (PIQ) search returns only PIQ-related documents.
  • Underlying/Overlying Property Associations: Details all underlying and overlying property relationships for parcel context.
  • Recommended Search Option: Offers intelligent retrieval of all applicable title chains based on property type and context/history to ensure relevant results.
  • Traditional Search Option: Retrieves historical title chain based upon property history associations.
  • Subdivision Lookup: Provides easy access to full title plant property account library details.
  • Updated Results Name Grid: Offers a more efficient and versatile General Index experience.
  • Advanced Name Filter: Enhances General Index filtering tool to more easily evaluate name variations for the parties involved in a transaction.
  • Enhanced Document Types/Categories: Offers granular document-type definitions enabling more precise document-type identification.
  • Document Type Color Coding: Enhances the visual experience to quickly and easily identify document types.
  • Comprehensive Map/Tract Book Image to Property Chain Associations: Offers immediate access to all of a property’s related map and tract book images.
  • Back Plant Lookup: Expedites searching and image retrieval for back plant media enabled by multiple indexing options.

As a result of updates to Black Knight’s title architecture, TitlePoint will handle parcels, portions and sectional properties, which many clients use for commercial and industrial projects.

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