Notarize Opens Closing Platform to Title Agents across the Country

June 11, 2019

Notarize recently reported it is opening up its title network to allow title agents to place orders for online closings in five minutes or less.

To join the network previously, agents needed to go through a contracting process that prevented them from offering an online closing to their clients when they need it most—when they’re stuck abroad or can’t get out of work to attend the closing. Notarize reported it has updated the process and platform to make it easier for any title company to get started, and deliver a closing experience built for the way people want to buy and sell homes.

“Last summer we announced our product for title agents for the first time, and we’ve been blown away by the response,” said Pat Kinsel, Notarize founder and CEO. “We’ve helped people sell their homes from Japan after relocating for a new job and others coordinate with buyers who couldn’t make an in-person closing. Both would have taken days and thousands of dollars to coordinate. Now, title companies can provide the speed and convenience the real estate industry deserves.”

Title agents can sign up for free, and place orders in minutes. Notarize’s closing platform lets an agent know if an order can be closed online. Once a closing occurs, title agents can connect with signers and collaborate with their partners in real-time.

Elevated Title, a national title company headquartered in Utah, has completed more than 50 online closings with Notarize, and believes homebuyers will expect this convenience moving forward.

“We chose Notarize because we saw where the market was heading,” said Brian Lemke, chief business officer at Elevated Title. “Homebuyers were becoming more tech-savvy, and the way we wanted people to close on their home simply wasn’t the way they wanted to anymore. Notarize gave us the ability to use cutting-edge technology to deliver an experience that was easy, convenient, and accessible to homebuyers.”

Notarize supports cash purchase and sales, as well as lender-initiated closings, supporting title agents in every transaction. Notarize says it has partnered with several underwriters to support online closings in nearly every state.

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