Westcor Agent Closes Deal With Seller in France Using RON

January 15, 2019

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company reported that one of its agents, Momentum Title in Houston, completed its first purchase transaction utilizing remote online notarization (RON) involving a seller in a different country.

The seller was in France, and not coming back to the United States any time soon. The seller contacted the U.S. consulate’s office in France and found out there was a two-month waiting period to get the documents notarized. Westcor’s partnership with Notarize allowed Momentum Title to complete the transaction online and be digitally notarized, the next day.

“This is a new tool we can use to give customers the best service and closing experience possible, and the process is so easy. We were able to go online and watch the video of the whole transaction,” said Brett Barbisch, senior vice president and Escrow Officer at Momentum Title. “It was a great experience for everyone involved and our seller was ecstatic.”

Scott Chandler NTP, Westcor’s chief operating officer, added, “Westcor agents continue to have great experiences with remote online notarization. We will continue to help our agents utilize the RON technology platform, to provide their clients and consumers the best experience when closing a real estate transaction.”

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