Stewart, Pavaso Partner to Accelerate Adoption of E-closings

February 22, 2018

Stewart and e-mortgage technology developer Pavaso Inc. have partnered to promote and deliver a fully digital mortgage closing process.

“By partnering with Pavaso, Stewart continues its commitment to the enhancement and digital transformation of the closing process for consumers, while bringing efficiency and cost savings to mortgage lenders,” said Scott Gillen, senior vice president of industry relations for Stewart. He added that Stewart is accelerating its national program to inform and educate real estate and mortgage industry professionals on the benefits of e-closings, which are increasingly being offered by the nationwide network of Stewart Trusted Providers.

"Consumers across the country need an easier, better way to close on their homes, and we’re thrilled to partner with a progressive industry leader such as Stewart to make that happen.” said Dan McGrew, Pavaso’s chief operating officer. “From the moment we started working with Stewart’s digital transformation team, it was clear that this partnership could benefit the consumer, the Real Estate Agent, the lender—basically all parties to the transaction. Pavaso and Stewart are dedicated to providing a superior consumer experience and we are confident that this partnership will drive a transparent, convenient and speedy closing experience.” 

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