Simplifile Expands E-recording in the Midwest

December 17, 2015

Simplifile’s electronic recording service is now available in eight more Midwest counties, providing settlement agents with the ability to quickly and more cost effectively record documents with counties via the Internet.

Simplifile’s newly available counties in the Midwest region include:

  • DeWitt County, Ill.
  • Brown County, Ind.
  • Crawford County, Ind.
  • Franklin County, Ind.
  • Wexford County, Mich.
  • Isanti County, Minn.
  • Wood County, Ohio
  • Forest County, Wis.

Using Simplifile’s secure, web-based service, customers ranging from title companies to banks, attorneys, and lien filers, can now scan or upload and submit documents directly to the county.

“We decided to start e-recording to keep up with technology,” said Lorie Sorensen, register of deeds in Wexford County. “With e-recording, our customers benefit from fast turnaround service, and our experience with Simplifile has been very good.”

According to Sorensen, their office accepts any public land record document for e-recording as long as it does not require a tax certification stamp or transfer tax stamp.

Recording fees and payments can also be processed securely through Simplifile, helping to reduce payment errors and eliminate check-writing expenses.

“E-recording continues to be embraced by counties big and small across the nation, and it’s because of how much it simplifies and streamlines the overall recording process,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile.

In addition to these new counties that have become available this month, Simplifile customers can now e-record in more than 1,351 recording jurisdictions across the nation.

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