Second Parish in Louisiana Starts Offering E-recording

December 3, 2015

Louisiana’s Webster Parish is now accepting electronic documents, including mortgage and conveyance records, for recording through Simplifile.

“I am always looking for a better, more efficient way, to serve the citizens of Webster Parish,” said Webster Parish Clerk of Court Holli Vining. “E-recording will allow us to save time and money for our customers as well as saving time and space for the Clerk of Court's office. I am excited about making the Webster Parish Clerk's office a leader in technology in the state of Louisiana. We are only the second clerk's office in the state to offer this service, and the first in North Louisiana.”

Webster joins Jefferson Parish, which began e-recording with Simplifile in August 2014.

“We've been e-filing tax returns for years; there's no reason we shouldn't be embracing this technology for land records,” Vining said. “Local customers can save time by e-recording and never have to leave their office to record a document. Remote customers can save express mail fees and be able to record a document same day as opposed to having to wait on mail service. Because this is an electronic service, documents can be transmitted for recording any time of day or night rather than only during office hours.”

According to Vining, the documents will already be scanned into their system when they are accepted for recording, saving time for the clerk’s office employees and making those documents available online for customers faster than paper recordings.

“We applaud the clerk and her office for their efforts in implementing e-recording for their customers and helping to trail blaze the way for other parishes in the state,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile. “Without question, e-recording is the most convenient, cost-effective way to record documents, and we are thrilled for customers in Webster Parish to now have this service available to them.”

Nationwide, more than 1,330 counties and recording jurisdictions e-record with Simplifile.

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