North American Title Launches STAR Agent Network

November 12, 2015

North American Title Insurance Co. (NATIC) launched its STAR Agent Network program, which was created to enhance transparency with customer groups, promote the high standards of its agents and provide high-level education, training and support for its agents.

As part of the program, NATIC independent agencies and attorney agents will be provided with the new STAR Agent Network seal stating that they are part of NATIC’s trusted network of policy-issuing agents.

According to NATIC President Emilio Fernandez, the program is designed to provide lenders, real estate agents, and home buyer and seller customers with important information concerning the qualities necessary to become a policy-issuing agent of NATIC.

“At NATIC, we identify and work with agents who are committed to meeting and exceeding our high standards,” said Fernandez. “In addition, we provide our agents with the tools, resources and education they need to ensure their high-level status is maintained. The STAR Agent Network seal indicates the rigorous process an agent must go through to become a policy-issuing agent of NATIC and the ongoing support, education and training they receive by our dedicated staff.”

In order to qualify as a policy-issuing agent, and as a result become a member of NATIC’s STAR Agent Network, agents undergo:

  • An initial review of credit, background, financial solvency, escrow accounts, settlement practices, compliance procedures and general practices;
  • Licensing, insurance and disciplinary history verification;
  • Senior management review of sample files, business model, experience, financial metrics, claims history and market representation;
  • Ongoing annual and comprehensive audits, credit and background checks and agency assessments by the senior management team;
  • Routine on-site operational evaluations and monthly monitoring of business activity, escrow account reconciliation and policy production review; and
  • Continuous knowledge and industry best practices improvement through compliance training and industry education.

“NATIC is guided by the principle to work with the best and most well-respected agents in each marketplace across the country,” said Rich Griffin, vice president, national sales manager for NATIC. “As a result, we have developed an agent network that is second to none. The NATIC STAR Agent Network program was launched to bring more light to bear on both the initial scrutiny and the ongoing monitoring NATIC demands of our highly qualified and dedicated agents.

“In addition, our singular goal is to foster a strong, supportive and educational relationship with our agents in order to exceed the regulatory demands for transparency and validation that are so critical to the safety and soundness of our customers,” he added.

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