Simplifile Offers E-Recording in More Than 1,300 Jurisdictions

October 15, 2015

Simplifile’s e-recording network is now available in more than 1,300 counties and jurisdictions with the addition of Rockdale County, Ga., Bertie County, N.C., and Calhoun County, Mich.

“This is a wonderful achievement not only for Simplifile, but also for the e-recording and land records industry as it helps to show the growing demand and proven benefits of e-recording nationwide, no matter how big or small a county may be,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile.

Using Simplifile’s secure, web-based service, customers ranging from title companies to banks, attorneys and lien filers, have the ability to scan or upload and submit documents directly to the recorder’s office or register of deeds where they are reviewed, stamped, recorded and returned electronically.

“Our goal is to continuously improve records management processes for the benefit of those in Rockdale County and e-recording was the next step for the Real Estate Division,” said Rockdale County Chief Deputy Clerk Mary Burgess. “The implementation of e-recording offers us an opportunity to significantly increase efficiency while offering convenience to local and out-of-area filers.”

Customers also have the ability to track and view the status of their documents that have been submitted through Simplifile, making it easier and more cost-effective to correct and resubmit any rejected documents. If an electronic document is rejected for any reason, customers are notified through Simplifile, giving them the ability to correct and resubmit the document back to the county.

"Bertie County is always looking at ways to better service our taxpayers and customers,” said Bertie County Register of Deeds Annie Wilson. “E-recording provides better service by improving document turnaround time. We save in the time it takes to open, scan, print and attach labels, and mail documents back.”

Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds Anne B. Norlander said e-recording "will greatly benefit our land record customers. The mailing back and forth of documents that do not meet recording requirements will be a thing of the past. We will now be able to do all necessary correspondence electronically."

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