RedVision Launches Straight-Through Processing to Improve Title Production

October 8, 2015

RedVision, an independent provider of nationwide title and real property research, announced the launch and direct customer benefits of RedVision STP, a solution-based approach to providing title reports through direct system integration between RedVision and the customer. According to RedVision, its  straight-through processing system defines the industry standard for a more efficient and seamless transaction through standardization, inherently providing cost savings to RedVision's customers.

In a release, the company said its goal is to continue to set industry-wide expectations for best-practice standards in terms of compliance and risk management to help clients respond to market challenges and regulatory pressures.

Additionally, RedVision's continuous investments in data acquisition, technology advancements and best-practice standardization are the building blocks for STP, which allows the company to offer a simplified and automated transaction delivered to the client's system.

Overall, the combination of RedVision's commitment to best practices and investments in both technology and data enables its clients to focus on high-value strategic activities while RedVision manages the back-end details including uniform reports, best practice standards and accountability. Its clients gain the ability to adapt to market fluctuations, while driving sustainable internal growth and profitability.

"RedVision STP provides value to our clients by delivering a seamless, scalable and industry-compliant solution for electronic title production while offering a cost savings structure," said Brian Twibell, CEO of RedVision. "We are confident that RedVision STP is transformative for the industry, providing immediate benefits to our customers and the industry as a whole—and that translates to increased profit margins."

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