RamQuest Expands Integration with First American Title’s AgentNet

September 29, 2015

RamQuest Inc., a provider of title and settlement solutions for the land title industry, announced the expansion of its Closing Market digital network integration with First American Title Insurance Company’s AgentNet system to deliver Integrated Production Services and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) searches.

The integrated features allow agents to order and receive First American Title search products and services, and search Specially Designated Nationals, without leaving their RamQuest title production solution. RamQuest said the functionality reduces paper forms and rekeying errors, retains consistent data across systems, and promotes overall efficiency and productivity. The Integrated Production Services feature is currently available in select areas and agents should contact their First American Title representative for more information.

“We are happy with these advancements that we have made with First American to create a better experience for our mutual customers,” said Brooks Yeager, EVP and chief strategy officer at RamQuest. “The First American Title integration is another example of our commitment to ensure that RamQuest customers have the best integrated provider network in the industry.”

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