DocMagic Rolls Out SmartCLOSE Online Portal for TRID

August 20, 2015

DocMagic Inc. announced that SmartCLOSE, it’s cloud-based collaborative closing portal, is now available after testing the platform with lenders, settlement providers and other relevant parties.

In June, over 250 lenders participated in the testing of SmartCLOSE and provided key feedback to fine-tune the system.

"The innovative enhancements that DocMagic has added to the portal makes SmartCLOSE the most feature rich and easy-to-use TRID solution in the industry," said Kevin Marconi, COO of United Fidelity Funding. "Even though the TRID deadline was pushed to October 3, DocMagic's early readiness today gives me the peace of mind I absolutely must have to know that I am TRID ready."

"DocMagic really hit a home run with this product. We are extremely impressed with Smart CLOSE; this system is very easy for us and our settlement agent partners to utilize," said Jim Paolino, CEO of LodeStar Software Solutions, a leading technology provider for the title insurance industry. "The fashion in which the screens and workflow were developed is going to make adoption by our settlement agents quick and make their jobs easy in the new post-TRID world order."

DocMagic's audit engine maintains electronic evidence to track and log all transactions and its Compliance Engine continuously compares the initial Loan Estimate against the final to ensure RESPA compliance throughout the process. DocMagic also reps and warrants all documents created and calculations provided by the system with a complete TRID compliance guarantee. This compliance "stamp of approval" allows SmartCLOSE users to rest assured that all TRID requirements have been met, the company said in a release.

"The DocMagic client base and strategic partners say that DocMagic has built the best TRID solution in the industry," states Tim Anderson, director of eServices at DocMagic. "Our team has diligently worked to fine-tune SmartCLOSE largely based on user feedback which has helped us get to where we are today."

SmartCLOSE integrates with DocMagic's LOS partners and is being integrated with settlement platforms and other third-party applications used in the loan closing process.

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