RedVision Develops New Business Structure to Enrich Customer Experience

July 14, 2015

RedVision, a national provider of title and real property research solutions, announced the completion of a new business structure to align cross-organizational resources across all points of the customer lifecycle.

This new group strengthens RedVision’s ability to focus on enriching the customer experience while nurturing and enhancing the value of its market-validated solutions.

Christine LaChance, vice president of director of client relations and customer relationship management, will oversee the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team. She will lead the implementation and advancements of client transaction visibility and pipeline management, enhance onboarding efficiencies to shorten the customer transition timefram, and reduce response times to increase customer service availability.

“We structured the company to see the world through the lens of our customers,” says Leanne Zinn-Cox, executive vice president of sales and marketing at RedVision. “Our customers rely on us to fulfill their commitments to their customers. The addition of the CRM team at RedVision will help reinforce best-in-class service, consistent best practices and product quality standards to drive continuous customer success. Christine’s experience and passion for providing exceptional customer service and value enables us to continue to drive innovation in the marketplace.”

LaChance, who joined RedVision in September 2014, previously held strategic leadership positions at First American Title Insurance Company, Inc. With her extensive background in title operations, LaChance appreciates the urgency and demands of the industry.

“RedVision has demonstrated a commitment to exceeding customers' expectations with its single-source solutions resulting in uniform products and quality standards across all 50 states,” LaChance said. “The CRM structure further enables RedVision to implement continuous customer value improvement strategies while providing industry-best technology solutions.”

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