Adeptive Integrates ResWare With NotaryLoop

June 2, 2015

Adeptive announced the integration between its title production software ResWare and NotaryLoop, a cloud-based interface that provides a solution for title agencies to collaborate and submit loan information to their preferred notary signing services. 

“This partnership breaks down all barriers, clearing the path by allowing all notary signing services to integrate with ResWare,” said Bryan Buus, president of Adeptive.

According to Adeptive, the gateway offers the ability to securely receive orders and pass information and status updates without logging into vendor or third-party websites. Both title agencies and signing services benefit from the NotaryLoop gateway by giving them a direct "system to system" connection.

“ResWare users are now able to place orders directly through ResWare, giving them the freedom of connecting with the notary service of their choice,” said Anthony Birden, chief operating officer of NotaryLoop. “NotaryLoop provides the ability for signing services to connect with ResWare title agents without the inconvenience of learning new software. Our system enables both the notary signing service and the title agent to utilize their existing software.”

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