2014 ALTA TIPAC Awards

May 19, 2015

During its Federal Conference and Lobby Day, ALTA honored four individuals for their efforts in helping to raise a record amount of donations in 2014 for the Title Industry Political Action Committee (TIPAC). TIPAC raised a record $460,000 in 2014.

“We could not have done this without the help of our outstanding TIPAC trustees who volunteer their time to raise money for TIPAC,” TIPAC Chair Bill Burding said during the opening night of ALTA’s Federal Conference and Lobby Day. “We are proud to present these awards in honor of their commitment to making TIPAC stronger each and every year.” 

  • Top Underwriter Award: For the ninth year in a row, First American Title Insurance Co. raised the most money from their employees. Last year,  the company raised $92,365 from 198 contributors at their company. So far this year, First American has raised over $61,060 from 119 contributors. John Hollenbeck accepted the award on behalf of First American. 
  • Top Agent Award: Peter Griffiths of Land Title Guarantee in Colorado. This award goes to the person who raised the most money from an agent in 2014. Last year, Griffiths raised $25,840 from 51 contributors at their company and an additional $2,950 from other companies in their state. 
  • Outstanding State Award: Shonna Cardello of White Rose Settlement Services in Pennsylvania. This award goes to the person who raised the most money during their state convention in 2014. Last year, Cardello raised over $11,000 at their state convention. 
  • Rookie of the Year: Elizabeth Daniel of Continental Title Company in Kansas. In 2013, Kansas had 17 contributors. Last year, Kansas had 37 contributors. This increase was due to Daniel’s ability to find new ways to raise money for TIPAC. She hosted a Title Action Network social at her state convention last year where she brought in many new low-dollar contributors to TIPAC.

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