HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program Partners with Old Republic as Preferred Vendor

May 12, 2015

Habif, Arogeti & Wynne’s (HA&W) ComplianceSuccess Program has partnered with Old Republic Title as a preferred vendor to offer compliance benchmarking and reporting services for all seven of ALTA’s Best Practices pillars.

HA&W said its ComplianceSuccess Program provides independent third-party assurance using CPA professional standards, which give greater assurance to banks than a certification report. Just as banks have historically looked to CPA attestation to mitigate business risk, lenders can now be assured that independent title agents are compliant, the company said in a release.

“The urgency is growing around ALTA Best Practices compliance, as banks are beginning to provide guidance across the compliance spectrum, from self-administered ‘gap’ assessment recommendations to mandated third-party certification by Aug. 1, 2015,” said Richard Kopelman, managing partner of HA&W. “Now is the time to begin the process to become compliant, and as a preferred vendor partner for Old Republic Title, agents can look to us to provide them with the CPA assurance that their lender clients will require.”

HA&W and Old Republic Title will collaborate to provide Old Republic Title agents the ability to assess their current level of compliance against ALTA Best Practices and obtain a gap analysis and remediation plan in a fraction of the time someone can perform a self-assessment. Once any deficiencies are remediated, HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program will perform ALTA’s Best Practices assessment procedures to give assurance that they are compliant.

“HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program is a great solution for those title agents seeking an independent, third-party review of their ALTA Best Practices in addition to the verification and continuous assessment Old Republic Title’s industry leading Agency Risk Management & Mitigation (ARMM) programs provide,” said Jeff Bluhm, executive vice president of agency services and administration at Old Republic Title.

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